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Can i rebuild a Mavic Aksium with different spokes and nipples?

Hi folks. I have a couple of the above rear wheels with snapped spokes and/or seized spokes/nipples. Rather than just binning these, can i rebuild them with brass spoke nipples and new spokes?


  • It's very difficult to build a rear Aksium wheel. The hub design is such that the spokes keep coming out as you try to fit them... you need some sort of jig that keeps the wheel firmly horizontal and suspended. On top of that, you'll need bladed spokes as round spokes will just turn inside the hub slot and you won't be able to build up any tension...
    In short, it is a bit of a nightmare
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  • ... but if you still want to, then these are probably your best bet, in terms of spokes. I think it's 298 for the drive side and 282 for the NDS... don't quote me on this though...

    If you could find the DT Swiss New Aero, they would be even better, but they are so rare...
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  • paulbnixpaulbnix Posts: 628
    I have rebuilt a couple of Aksium wheels to replace worn out rims and it was fiddly fitting the spokes and achieving a good tension on the nds.

    I reused the original spokes and nipples with integral blue threadlock.

    The DT Swiss referred to by ugo are cheaper than Mavic originals and they won't rust.
  • Thanks for info. Managed to salvage enough spokes that weren't seized and reused them.

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