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Pedal Car For Adults

Hello everyone,

I realise that my question will not exactly match my category but I couldn't really see another more suitable fit...

I was wondering if anyone out there could point me in he right direction with regards to finding a pedal car/vehicle suitable for adults?

I live in a small village community connected by flat, private, concrete tracks and since the village is populated almost exclusively by family, family businesses and family property I spend a lot of my time schlepping back and forth between various domains with two kids in tow and various bin bags, cartons, boxes etc. etc.

So I was hoping I could find something out there that was like a little pedal utility vehicle for adults, that maybe pulled a trailer or had a small flatbed on the back just for throwing a few bin bags on, hopping on and then riding a few hundred metres...

Is there anything like this out there? Ideally it would have two seats at the front or a bench seat something like that and the aforementioned trailer/flatbed at the rear. If there is something like this that is also got electrical assist power then that would be beneficial too but I could manage without.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!


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