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Cervelo Caledonia 51 or 54 dilemma

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask you for your help/opinion. I am thinking about buying Cervelo Caledonia but I am not sure which size would fit me better, whether "51" or "54".

I am 173 cm high, my inside leg measurement is 83,5 - 84 cm, and my arm length is 56 cm. I plan to do more endurance-oriented rides and speed, or watts per kg are secondary for me. In the majority of cases, "S / 52" size of the bikes is perfect for me but when I am looking at the Caledonia geometry, "51" size seems like other manufacturers' "XS" size. For comparison, I was thinking about Scott Addict 20. I tried "M / 54" size and I was in a very "superman" like position. My hands were quite outstretched, therefore "S / 52" size of Addict would suit me better but it is not available anywhere. As a result, I moved my attention to Caledonia but I am not sure whether 51 or 54 as 51 seems quite small compare to Addict 52 size.

I would try and test Caledonia, for sure, but unfortunately, nowadays all Irish retailers have a very limited offer in stock.

Thank you for your advices. :-)


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