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Selle Italia Super Flow Endurance Novus saddle

I've ridden a Selle Italia C2 Gel Flow saddle for eight years but it's dipped in the middle and causing problems down below not helped by getting a saddle sore. It's been a great saddle but needed replacing so i bought the Selle Italia Super Flow Endurance Novus saddle (S3). The two saddles have similar dim's and I tried each one on a small table and the new one puts a lot of pressure on my sit bones (at about 90-100 MM centres) compared to the C2 which seems to have softer cushioning. The C2 has a more pronounced concave curve leading to the nose of the saddle. The "feel" difference is quite a lot with the SuperFlow feeling more rigid. My question is: should i try out the new saddle on the bike and kill off any chance of returning it or get a new C2. It should be a no-brainer but i am in my 60s and no doubt my body shape is changing as is (probably) my ability to complete longer rides comfortably. hence going for a more expensive saddle.


  • Looking for a new saddle last year bought the newer C2 and the precursor to the novus. Feel the latter is more comfortable for me. Have pelvic tilt/ SI joint issue and novus gives me greater stability.
  • I think what is putting me off fitting it and going for a ride is the cost (£134 at Wiggle) so in hindsight, i should have paid a visit to my local bike shop and suffered the full price as opposed to trying to get a bargain! That said, after a few cheaper saddles, i found the SI - C2 comfortable from the off but i still got saddle soreness on longer rides and just put it down to - Cycling - no pain no gain! Decisions, decisions....maybe i'll set it up on the occasional table again and sit on it watching TV tonight. :D
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