BMC Teammachine SLR vs SLR01

I'm looking at at Teammachine at the moment and I'm struggling to get a straight answer on the difference between the frames.

I understand that the SLR01 is the hi-mod, but I'm not sure what that means in the context of BMC. With Cannondale and Trek, it generally means a smoother ride, but am I right in thinking that the SLR *not* the SLR01 is the smoother of the two as the SLR01 is actually stiffer?

I'm looking at them as I like the geo, the slack headtube angle and long trail would suggest that it'll be a good bike to descend on, but I'm unsure if that extra stiffness will make it a bit more skittish or not.

Does anybody have experience of these bikes?


  • paul1000
    paul1000 Posts: 190
    I have an slr one not 01, who’s the lesser frame, absolutely fantastic bike stiff and comfortable, love it.
  • Is the SLR01 stiffer and potentially less comfy than the SLR? That's what I'm currently confused by