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Are R785 levers compatible with R8070 calipers?

I've never had much success at avoiding disc rub, and I understand the R8070 calipers have a little more clearance. Can I keep my existing levers and use the newer R8070 calipers?

How much clearance is this likely to get me?


  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,120
    edited February 2022

    How much extra? Nowt in my opinion. I’ve got STR785 levers with BR-RS785 calipers (post mount) and Dura Ace 9170 levers and calipers on another bike. On a third bike I have 105 7020 levers with 7070 calipers. I cannot see any difference in pad clearance between them.

    What is important is to ensure the pads are fully retracted before bleeding, and to ensure the rotor is true and neither pad is sticking, plus the caliper is mounted squarely with equal gap either side of the rotor. Quite often one of these requirements isn’t correct leading to disc rub. Set up correctly there will be no disc rub. I wouldn’t waste my money on changing calipers unless one was beyond fixing.
  • thebigmanthebigman Posts: 54
    Sorry to hijack the thread but @pilot_pete which shifters do you reckon are better, the 7020's or the 785's as im after a set of either..

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