Should I sell?

Hi all

Been off the bike for a couple of years.

I currently have a 2007 Marin rift zone. Iv upgraded lots of bits and it's in very good condition.

My riding has now changed to more xc and have been looking at a 2015 specialized camber evo 29er. It's standard and in fairly good condition and just been serviced.

Iv always liked the look of a 29er and think this would be better for my type of riding over a 26er.

They have offered me £350 px

Should I take the deal?


  • also depends on what price they are offering you the Camber for.
  • Thanks for the replys.

    The camber is up for £850
  • steve_sordy
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    If you like an easy life, trade it in and don't look back! :)

    However, trade ins are usually the worst value. So, if you can sell it separately you will probably do better. But that is a route that is uncertain. You may do very much better; you may do worse, you may even get ripped off! If you go the eBay route, take advantage of the Friday offers that offer stuff like 70% off variable selling fees. But they have to know you exist. Pinkbike Classifieds is another good route.

    Resale values for used bikes are the best they have been for ages (thanks to the pandemic shutdown and shortages of new bikes), but they are tailing off now the Summer is over and it's wet and cold out there.

    The best financial route may be to buy the Speccy now and sell the Marin in the Spring, when demand picks up.

    But the only risk-free way is to take the trade in offer. :)
  • Just an update guys

    Ended up taking £350 for the Marin and they gave me £225 for my 2007 orange crush which I was very happy with.

    The camber was quite tatty and unfortunately slightly too big so ended up doing a deal on a 2016 Scott genius 730 27.5.

    Off out today to give it a proper ride 🙂