Can I put mountain bike wheels and tyres on my hybrid

Hi guys new here
I have a hybrid bike and i live near the woods and was wondering if I can fit mountain bike wheels/tyres on my hybrid bike as I don’t want to ruin my bike also if I can do this how would I know what wheels or tyres to buy? or am I just better of buying a mountain bike ?
Thanks in advance for help


  • veronese68
    veronese68 Posts: 27,562
    Almost certainly, but hard to say without knowing what bike you have. You can just change to a more knobbly tyre using the wheels you have, but how wide you go depends on clearance.
    If you want to change the wheels you will need some for the same brake type, axle type and width. So if you have disc brakes you will probably have a 100mm wide front axle, but could be quick release, nuts or bolt through. The rear would probably be 135mm on a hybrid, but many mountain bikes use 142mm. Again you may have quick release, nuts or bolt through. With rim brakes almost certainly 100/130 front/rear and either qr or nuts.
    Might be best to go to a bike shop and ask them, take your bike so they can see what you have.