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A friend of a friend has loaned me his old cannondale caad9(??) with the option to buy it if this cycling lark novelty doesn't wear off. First EVER ride on a proper bike was, erm, eventful. Raced out of the garage, down the drive and stacked it as I clipped the curb. Neighbour was out mowing his lawns and between his bouts of laughter I heard him mentioning something about Anna Mears, Vaseline and swollen labias. I'll make some ice out of the dog water bowl for his whisky when he comes over to watch the cricket next. On the plus side, the grazes on my knee and elbows have significantly added to my weight loss efforts and will provide hours of fun when they are ready to be picked. In terms of weight loss I have to say I'm somewhat chuffed with myself. It seems I have breached that weight loss plateau thing and am now fluctuating between 78-80. I'm also stoked I can now do a 40k ride in under 80 minutes on the static. Best time so far is 1:12.34. Manboobs have all but dissappeared and there are a couple of vague rows of ABs coming through just below where my ample bossom used to be. Still got some pot belly to eliminate, but my legs are starting to resemble those of a Samoan prop forward and my saggy butt ain't so saggy anymore, which the missus is all in favour of. So, would the cannondale be a good buy, or should I get something more beginner friendly?


  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 6,464
    Nothing wrong with a CAAD 9 frame. They’re good handling and light. Perhaps not the comfiest thing ever built however.

    But TBH, if you do keep riding, it will be a good bike for that. Depends what groupset is on it now (and wheels) but the frame itself is good enough to warrant very flash components being used eventually if you fancy.

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  • I think the rear groupset are 28(???) still coming to grips with the mechanics of it all, but I saw somewhere that a beginner should start with something over 30. And yes, it does seem to be a harsh ride but my frame of reference is somewhat limited by me only ever ridden this one bike.
  • carbonclemcarbonclem Posts: 1,519

    Perhaps not the comfiest thing ever built however.

    Over smashed human bones.

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