Action cam

Hi all I have a Carrera vengeance mountain bike and just got an action cam, with attachments and there's an attachment to attach it to the wheel post which is what I'm wanting to achieve, anyway the wheel post is to thick to attach it so I've used cable ties but the cam moves a tiny bit and one of the long screws is very close to the spokes

Any ideas or ideas as to a cam I could get that won't break the back and Wil attach to post



  • steve_sordy
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    That camera on the fork leg is right in the danger zone from flying stones, but I'm sure that you have already considered that. What you may not have considered is what happens if passing shrubbery knocks the camera inwards to the wheel. At best you break your spokes and camera, at worst you get broken.

    To improve the grip, consider some rubber underneath the camera wrapped around the fork leg. Old inner tube is perfect for that.

    A mate of mine mounted his camera on his helmet. Within 15 mins of setting off it was knocked off by an overhanging branch - straight into a deep puddle! After wading in he retrieved it OK. It had a soft landing in the deep mud under the water but I never saw his camera again. I forgot to ask him what happened to it; whether it was damaged by impact or immersion.
  • daniel_b
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    I'd hesitate on attaching anything to a fork leg, especially when travelling off road - as has been mentioned, if that turns into the wheel, at the least it would be broken spokes, or it could be broken spokes, fork, and go straight to A&E.
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