Upgrade a Boardman hardtail

As above, want to lighten it a bit, I'm more interested in doing offroad distance than extreme stuff. Needs to be lighter though and ideally I'd update it to a 50 tooth sprocket.
So I fancy carbon bars and wheels and to go tubeless.
Its either that or I plough the money into a full suss, so any suggestions?


  • mully79
    mully79 Posts: 904
    Wanting to make a hardtail lighter or going to a full sus are total opposites.

    Absolutely the best place to start are non/low wear components that you can move to another bike should you wish. Handlebars, grips, pedals, seat, cranks, brakes.

    Wheels/forks etc tend to tie into each other and become a barrier to changing frames/bikes in the future.

    The first thing to try before anything is tubeless and the right tyres.
  • Mad_Malx
    Mad_Malx Posts: 5,039
    What model do you have?