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BB30 cranksets?

Probably not the first to ask this so apologies!
I have a Spesh Tarmac with a BB30 bottom bracket and shimano 105 7000 gears and a FSA crankset. The crankset needs replacing:
Should I go:
1. Shimano 105 crankset with wheelies adaptors
2. SRAM force BB30 crankset- I think the crankset is compatible with shimano gears but please confirm if I'm correct

Hope you can help


  • I'd go for the sram as I'm not a huge fan of adapters (too much risk of noise) but they do/can work.

    You will have no issue with compatibility but clearly the 105 will match the rest of the bike. For some it would be an absolute no no to mix group set parts.
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  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,069
    sram will work fine with shimano
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  • Go for the Sram Red much lighter than Force.
  • apc1apc1 Posts: 49
    Thanks everyone- I think I will go SRAM to keep it simple...
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    What is actually wrong with the crankset? I’m just wondering why it needs replacing...
  • apc1apc1 Posts: 49
    Hi Imposter 2.0
    The FSA Gossamer crankset is 8 years old. My tarmac frame was replaced under lifetime warranty in Jan 2020 because the frame cracked. Only the handle bars and crankset remain from the original 2014 bike. I have replaced the chainrings once for different sizes but it is looking pretty scruffy/worn compared to the rest of the bike.
  • PMarkPMark Posts: 159
    I have a similar BB30 bike to yours (Spec Roubaix) and have a shimano crankset with Praxis BB, been working fine for the last 6 years. My original BB only lasted a year before it started creaking, which is why I replaced it. So as long as you don't have that problem, as others have said the cheapest option will be to just get a new BB30 crankset.

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