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Overshoes for Mtb Shimano Spd Mt7 shoes with a ‘ chunkier ‘ sole.

I ride Shimano Mt7 SPD shoes when I use my gravel bike. I went to go out this morning with my normal Gore overshoes on but found that these which fit over my normal 3 bolt shoes well were much too tight to go over the chunkier sole of the SPD shoes without the prospect of breaking the rear zip. I take a size 10 EU 44 and the Gore Windstopper overshoes are for this size.
Just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a ‘stretchier’ pair of overshoes which will fit the chunkier sole of the SPD please? I’m thinking neoprene ones?
I’m going to be using the gravel bike now predominately for winter rides from this date forwards, so like everyone need some overshoes with decent waterproofing and warmth! The Gore windstopper overshoes are great, but think would be too loose around the ankles if I went up a size for the chunkier SPD shoes.
All recommendations appreciated. Thanks, Molteni.


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,455
    I used to use the neoprene xlc overshoes they went over my giro and serfas mtb style shoes easily enough. I tended to treat them as semi disposable in that if I got more than a winter out of them I'd done well. I was using them for comutte, xc mtbing and gravel / cyclocross.
    Don't use them now as I got some winterboots in the sales.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,431
    Planet X neoprene are perfect for MTB style shoes. They are currently £9.99 with Carnac branding. Velcro rear attachment means plenty of adjustment for different size shoes and no zips to break. Highly recommended.
  • I've given up with overshoes on my MTB shoes, they get ruined very quickly. I now just fit some stretchy toe covers which seem to make a significant difference to the warmth of my feet, last a good while longer and are cheap.
  • Thank you all for suggestions and the advice re alternatives too! Mercia Man I am definitely going to give the Carnac ones a try, especially at that price! Good shouts all. Oxoman- yes good suggestion re the winter boots too. I have a friend who has a pair and keeps nagging me to get similar. Agreed re the toe covers too Dave which do a surprisingly good job - I even wear pair out in the garage on the turbo when it gets really cold out there!
    Best wishes
  • Dhb neoprene overshoes fit over mtb shoes, but likely to need the XL ones
  • I tried a friend’s Endura neoprene overshoes a friend’s Endura’s neoprene ones on and the neoprene definitely helps stretch over the chunkier sole. I’ve ordered the Carnac ones because of the great price. Have ordered a M/L and X-L because as you note may still need to size up a bit.

    Dhb neoprenovershoes fit over mtb shoes, but likely to need the XL ones

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