Can't find any new, decent, 26", Maxle, straight (not tapered), non-boost forks for sale

I've got a set of 2012 Revelations on my 2012 Ragley Blue Pig X9, which have been a nightmare since I serviced them. Firstly one of the fork seals wouldn't stay in, now the seal is staying in place but the fork just collapses as soon as its put back together. I'm losing my rag with them and am looking to buy a new set and sell these as spares or repair.

But I can't find any new mid-range (or higher) 26", Maxle, straight (not tapered), non-boost forks for sale. Ideally looking for 140 - 160mm travel (current forks are 150mm), but would consider 120mm (or thereabouts) 27.5" forks, as I think they would be a similar height.

Do manufacturers simply not make straight steerer, non-boost forks anymore?


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    Have you considered sending them to a company that specialises in the service and repair of forks? There are plenty to choose from, but they all tend to charge the same price, although response time seems to vary. That way at least you will end up with a working fork and one that has been freshly serviced too, so if you decide to sell the bike (good prices right now) then you will have something to sell that actually works.

    If you don't want to sell the bike, you will have a good as new fork on your bike and without any worries about finding a new fork. New 26" forks are like rocking horse poo, but currently with the general shortage of components, you may be better off financially making the best of what you have.

    TFTuned are offering a 3 day turnaround right now and a service charge of £99 for the 32mm stanchion Revelation forks. They offer a collection and delivery service too.

    These guys are good, very helpful indeed, always happy to talk on the phone to answer your technical queries. If the fork is scrap, they will say so before they spend money servicing. You can check this for yourself by calling.

    If the fork has not been serviced since 2012, it actually might be scrap. :'(

  • When I opened it up I was expecting it to be a state, but it was immaculate. Grease and oil all still clean, nothing damaged, no crap inside. Perhaps me being a fair weather rider is the biggest reason for this. I wish I had never opened them up.

    £99 doesn't seem outrageous, I might have to bite the bullet and pay. Hard to stomach when I've spent so much on service bits to get this far though. And quite frustrating that no mechanical component on a bike or a car has beaten me until now, but these pesky forks might have.
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    Oh well if they are that clean, then maybe it is time to swallow your pride and save some money. Take the fork to the nearest bike shop that would normally have no problem doing a fork lower leg service and ask them to reassemble your forks. Be open with them, tell them what bits are new and so forth. You may have made a simple mistake (simple when you know exactly what you are doing rather than doing it for the first time, or you may have been supplied with the wrong/dodgy wiper seals).

    As a minimum, you will save on postage.