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Reviving 20year old mtb

Hi all, my first post here.
I am trying to get back into cycling/ commuting (25 km a day, mostly cycling paths and hard forest paths through Epsom common) with my old bike and would be grateful for a few pointer if it’s worth trying to revitalise my old bike.

I bought this 26” Mtb roughly 20 years ago and used it for commuting duties for 3-4 years. It has been sitting idly and dry for the last 15 years, unfortunately the last 4 under a leaky cover.

I took the bike apart as far as i could, gave it a good clean and lube and it seems to be going fine , apart from one issue.

Al frame, stem and handle bar: Color faded but seems ok at first sight.

Rockshox Pilot c fork: bit rusty but for my commuting demands feeling ok

Avid single speed V brake hand speed dial 5 break handles: working fine

Deore XT 760 rear derailleur, Deore LX front derailleur and Deore LX shifter working ok

Bottom bracket: changed for new Shimano Un55

Maxx mtb tyres : looking good and hold pressure ok

Front wheel Mavic X 221: cleaned the loose ball bearing, all running smooth

Rear wheel Mavic X 221:unfortunately the left side of the loose ball bearings took some water damage. Tried to smooth out the corrosion in cone and hub but it seems I need a new wheel

So now I am wondering if I could get somewhere a replacement wheel ( QR, the bolt itself is 10 x 145, with freehub for a 9 speed deore system)

And most importantly, after swapping out all cables, break pads, pedals, chain, pulley wheels, tyres, saddled and tubes - (after all it has been 20 years) if it really makes sense to spend the money or if the other components will fall apart soon as well, making a new bike more economic.
Many thanks


  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 1,909
    Depends on what you want. At the end of the day everyone wants a shiny new bike.

    Quick Calculations of costs on a budget:

    Rear Wheel - £50
    Two Tyres and Tubes - £50
    9 Speed Cassetts and Chain £45
    Cables Gear & Brake £20
    Brake Pads £10
    Saddle £30
    Pedals £30

    So there you have £235 for starters and that is providing you do the work yourself and have the tools already. If it was mine I would only need a rear wheel as I have a large box of spares and parts I could probably cobble together, so me me it would be worth it.
  • EbbishamEbbisham Posts: 4
    edited November 2021
    Thanks Photonic69, yes that’s roughly what I came to as well.
    Picked up the bike tool set from Aldi last month. Nothing to write about but got everything done so far.

    My biggest problem seems to be the simple task of sourcing a new rear wheel. Contacted a few bike shops but was told they either don’t have 26” anymore, or the ones they have need a conversion to fit, as the 10x145 Axle I had, does not seem to be used anymore .

    Wouldn’t mind giving the job a try, if I can source the rear wheel .

    Seems to be also impossible to find the M6 boss screws for V breaks (mine are quite rusty) and new screws for stem and shifter (looks like M6 as well)
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 26,315 Lives Here
    The axle may be 10x145 but the relevant measurement is the OLD which is the width between the locknuts on the axle and the measurement across the frame where the axle sits. That should be 130 or 135mm which is common for a quick release wheel. I think mountain bikes are usually 135 for disc or rim brakes.
  • One of the few benefits of Facebook is that there are usually plenty of enthusiast or local buy/sell groups for just about anything. I use a few bike ones here and have bought and sold loads of parts you can’t get “new” any more. “Retro” bike stuff in particular is popular on the groups, like 20 year old Mavic wheels… :smiley:

    I find most people have given up on eBay for used stuff as their fees are extortionate these days, not worth it for most bits.

    Often if I need a specific thing, a simple “wanted to buy” listing in the FB group turns up exactly what I need pretty quick. People have loads of stuff in their sheds they no longer use and are often happy to sell or give away to help out.
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  • monkimarkmonkimark Posts: 1,268
    My local tip has a little shop that sells various things in states ranging from perfect to 'should have gone to landfill' - there are usually a few old bikes, wheels etc knocking about . Might be worth a look?
  • Thanks everyone, I try FB first. Didn’t think it would be so difficult to get a new 26” wheel that fits.
  • mully79mully79 Posts: 863
    Usual go to place for cheap 26" wheels is Merlins
    Corona has killed stock levels and everywhere always seems out of stock.

    Its usually worth chucking in some new wheel bearings even with some pitting. Ive got away with it a few times. The old bearings will be oval and impossible to set up.
  • Tredz seemed to have found a fitting wheel, so I will give the overhaul a go.

    Just looking now to find somewhere to source the M6 screws I need to replace the rusty old ones for V break boss, stem, shifter and break handles
  • monkimarkmonkimark Posts: 1,268
    Just go on ebay and buy the relevant size/thread/material bolts - they don't need to be bike specific ones.
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