Giant defy advanced through axle lengths (follow up!)

Just on the off chance, does anyone have a through axle equipped Giant Decy Advamced? Preferably 2017 model year. And if anyone does, would they mind measuring the overall lengths of the axles please?

I know I need 12mm and the thread pitch is 1.5 but the length is causing problems in terms of getting the information (I’ve sent Giant an email but no reply). I /think/ the front is 120mm long, the back might or might not be 163mm…



  • Do you have this frame yet? Can you not just measure across the outside of the dropouts or fork tips to get the length? (Are they still called dropouts when it’s for a through-axle??)

    Rear should be 142 + (left + right thickness). Front will be 100+L+R.

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    No not yet, trying to get a head start. Patience is needed, you’re right
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