New gear groupset for 2004 MTB advice

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Hi all,

New here so apologies if this is my in the correct area.

I have an old 2004 Specialized Rockhopper Comp. It has a mix of Deore and Alivio gear components on it. I use it to travel to work and back and also the odd trail riding. I'm looking to replace the gear groupset as it gets more and more cumbersome every time I ride - missing gears etc. Things have moved on significantly since this bike was released and I wondered if anybody would know if the newer groupsets would fit? I've read things like 'Boost' and 'e-type' mounts, but I've no idea what this stuff means.

Would something like this fit and would it a significant upgrade?

Or do I just buy a new bike? Although there isn't much wrong with the one I have!