Kids seat on Carbon frame?

So I only have 1 bike now - my Carbon On-One Free Ranger.

The frame is a rebadged Carbonda 696 as used by Bombtrack and I believe Orbea at one point so its a quality frame from a quality frame builder.

Anyway I am keen to continue to taking my daughter out on the bike. At the moment I have a tag along trailer that uses a specific thru-axle mount which is fine but I cannot see her or engage with her and she basically just gets bored. Its also a lot of faff to get setup.

I like the idea of these front mounted kids seats that can be removed when not in use like the below>Bike+Accessories>Child+Bike+Seats-_-Cycling>Bike+Accessories>Child+Bike+Seats-_-545854&istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istFeedId=62b447cf-331e-4fec-a47a-9985ff72d404&istItemId=ppirilxpr&istBid=tzir

Now based on the videos and fitting instructions the above seat does not touch the frame itself instead the base bar is bolted to the seat post and stem and then the seat sits on this.

So based on that I don't see any reason why I cannot use it on my carbon bike. both my seat post and stem are standard aluminium same as any MTB or hybrid. The frame is gravel specific so is designed to be tough and I have regularly sat on the top tube when waiting at traffic lights etc (I weigh 90kg).

Total system weight limit covers me + bike + Little One + weight of seat with a few kg to spare.

So whilst I think I should be fine for little rides around the local park just wanted to know if anyone else has had success with child seat on carbon bike?


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    I have this seat. I started with my son around 6m and hes still in it approaching 3y.

    It attaches to the seatpost and steerer (just below the stem) - so shouldn't touch the carbon unless you have a very low stem, in which case just check clearances. There is no pressure whatsoever on the top tube, so should be fine.

    Given you have a child in it, there are limitations to how hardcore you can be!

    The only thing to be aware of is it will restrict your knees so they'll need to poke outwards. I generally ride 1-2 miles per day, every day (to and from nursery).

    I have a friend who has a carbon road bike and he uses a Hamax child seat which effectively wraps around and bolts onto the seat-tube and the seat is behind the rider. Provided you aren't an oaf with a wrench, you'd be pretty unlucky to damage the bike.

    I'm also surprised you find it a faff with a trailer. I recently bought a Thule Chariot. I leave the hitch on my bike and it takes no more than a minute to connect and unhook it.

    Have you tried this:
  • ETA: I also paid £25 for mine off gumtree + a 20 min drive.
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    Thanks for the advice. Good to know I thought I would be ok but worth getting advise from users who actually use it. Re the trailer its only a faff as the one I have has to be take apart to fit in the shed so I have to basically rebuild it every time!
  • shirley_basso
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    It was a toss up between the £600 trailer and a £8,000 e-cargo bike. Glad I settled with the former.
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    I used to have a yepp mini front bike seat (in fact it's still cluttering up the garage) on an old mountain bike and I ended up getting a riser handlebar because it was uncomfortable reaching over the seat/child.
    I suspect that with dropped bars, that may be a bigger issue, I doubt I could have used the seat on my road/CX bike.
  • That's a good point. My bike is a shopper, so very upright. Unsure it would work well with an aggressive riding position