Disc calipers

I'm replacing my RS505 shifters with 105 7070.

Looking at compatibility charts, the RS505 callipers will need changing too (as well as hoses). I have the shifters already (warranty replacement), but struggling to find a rear calliper due to stock issues.

Am I right in thinking the only difference between front and rear callipers will be the bolts that fix to the frame - longer bolts at the rear - or am I missing something? I have some spares kicking about in the garage.



  • dinyull
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    Seem to have trumped everyone...
  • whyamihere
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    There's no difference between front and rear calipers for Shimano. The mounting hardware and adapters (if you need them) will be different, but you could reuse those from the current brakes.
  • dinyull
    dinyull Posts: 2,979