Miche Primato freehub replacement - any tips?

Replacing the freehub on my Miche Primato Syntesi rear hub (splines made of soft cheese and well and truly notched after 3yrs). Seems like a fairly simple process but I’m always happier if I have an exploded view diagram or decent instructions to hand. Bearings seem fine, so it should be a simple swap out/in job.

Anyone have a link to:
a) any decent video showing process, and/or
b) exploded view of Miche Primato hub?

Searches don’t throw up anything particularly useful, although I may have missed something.



  • I seem to remember the allen key hub caps undo clockwise on the Primato...
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  • Your memory’s correct - first thing I realised!
  • OK< so once the hub cap is off, then the freehub should slide off
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  • Easy replacement in the end. If anyone else ever needs to replace a Miche Primato freehub and can't find any diagrams or instructions, the basic steps were:

    1) Loosen bearing pre-load tiny allen key bolt on side of non-drive hub
    2) Undo allen bolts holding hub caps on - loosening is clockwise, so opposite to normal
    3) Slide hub spindle out on drive side and slide off old freehub
    4) Slide new freehub back on and reverse steps to complete

    Don't do what I did, which was to not realise there was a removable metal 'collar' that sat in side the freehub body which also needs to be transferred to the new freehub. Wasted 5 mins cleaning and putting chainring onto new freehub and wondering why it wouldn't tighten fully and still had some play. That's why I like to see an exploded diagram before I do this stuff, but Miche don't seem to think that's important.