Struggling to track down the right emtb

Hi all,

could any one offer any help in locating an emtb full sus, I've all but given up trying to purchase one over the past 4 weeks , I've been let down with ordering by 2 dealerships in the North West UK, its seems the problem is getting hold of the stock and size of frame I require , my budget is 3 to 3.5k size frame xl, any help would be greatly appreciated plus any recommendations of model spec ect would definitely be a bonus, thanks ij


  • mully79
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    I cant really recommend an emtb as im a die hard up hill pedaller but im bored and finding anything in stock is a bit of a challenge.

    Here's something in stock, in xl in the North West.
  • Thanks for your reply mully79, yes I did look at the hard tail range earlier but decided to go full sus, I guess for most the problem is getting hold of one. The annoying thing for me is having already ordered one and was eagerly waiting for the call earlier this week to say come and collect your bike... unfortunately it wasn't too be, despite saying in stock on line apparently the reason it was cancelled was due to not being able to source one even though it was listed has in stock, definitely learnt a valuable lesson this time and I'm so glad I never payed up front!! So for anyone reading this take note! It's looking like this whole brexit lark has impacted many local dealerships in the North West UK.. Maybe its just not meant to be this year for me☹️
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    The only advice I can give is to keep looking! The new models are coming in to stock soon, but of course many that do arrive are already sold. Do you have a specific model in mind or are you looking for any FS emtb in xl that is less than £3.5k? It may help to be specific, then Mr Google can do the heavy lifting for you.

    Earlier this year (Jun - Jul) I was looking for a Merida eOne Sixty 9000 in a large. For weeks all I got was "out of stock". Then suddenly one popped up at JE James! I rang my local branch and asked them about it only to be told that they didn't have any! I sent them the link and they confirmed that it was in their Rotherham warehouse and had just come back into stock. I bought what was surely the last size large bike of its type in the UK.

    Focus in and keep looking. :)

    PS: Don't forget the second hand market. There are a lot of first time emtb users that bought in haste this year and are now regretting it. They have barely used bikes for sale. Try PinkBike and the EMTB Forum as well as eBay.