Giant Revolt is BB metal or carbon. Creaking BB (i think)

1,500 miles on Giant Revolt advanced One (carbon frame). Creaking like mad - tried seat posts, and resetting chairing, both now change, cant think what else it might be apart from BB? Anything else it could be?

I don't know if the housing is carbon or metal sleeve would be helpful to know?


  • me-109
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    Does it creak seated, standing or both? Definitely low down? Not headset, stem or handlebar clamp? Revolt is disc, right? I had a creaking I traced to a rear rim brake mounting nut - recessed in the frame and expanded slightly with rust.
  • its harder to hear it when standing, hard to locate - it sounds low down but know that it can be difficult to locate sound when sitting and obv only happens when pedalling.

    Yes its disc. I've got two sets of wheels an have swapped them so different discs and still creaking. its only done 1,200 miles and had a few Giant bike over years this is the first one. Annoyingly I would say i have had more issues with this one giant than all the others - road and MTB combined
  • Have you checked cleats and pedals too?
  • on flats but seem fine