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Di2 maintainence

Looking for a new road bike and have narrowed it down to two different bikes but they both have Shimano ultegra 12 speed Di2 set ups, so how difficult are Di2 gears to set up and maintain? I have been doing all my own bike maintenence this past 10 years?
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    It's all the same, but slightly different ;-).

    For example, the 12-speed front derailleurs have no limit bolts - they only have a 'support bolt'. The limits are set electronically.

    The rear derailleur does have both limit screws and the 'B' screw, just like a regular derailleur. Indexing the RD is done electronically, by putting the system into 'adjustment mode' (by holding the button on the RD for 2-5 seconds) and then pressing shift buttons to fine-tune the RD position.

    Once they are set up, they generally don't go off by themselves :).
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    but if the system starts going wrong it can be a 'mare and v expensive.

    also v expensive if you crash/fall over and you damage something like a rear mech.

    do a quick search on here for the kinda problems you may face and the solutions.
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