Compatible chain rings for shimano sora triple


I have a rapidly wearing (triple) outer chain ring 50T 130mm BCD it appears to a be a prowheel version but the rest of the bike is fitted with shimano sora.

I cant seem to easily get hold of a replacement ring and was wondering what my options are. The cassette and chain are also shot but there seems to be plenty of availability for 9 speed replacements

Any advice most welcome!




  • Munsford0
    Munsford0 Posts: 630
    Are you saying it's a Sora chainset with a Prowheel chainring or is it a Prowheel chainset complete?

    If it's a bog standard 5 bolt 130BCD something like this?
  • Sorry for not having the right terminology!

    Its a bike that is 'sora based'. So it has sora duerallier (front and rear) shifters, 9 speed cassette and prowheel crank and rings.

    I have just measured the distance between each of the 5 bolt holes, which looks like 76mm, which (online) equates to a 130BCD.

    So all this sora/prowheel is nothing special, and any chain wheel will do with a 130 BCD rating, as per your helpful link!

    So thanks again