Wiggle Bike delivery courier or shop elsewhere

Hi, I'm about to order a new road bike and was going to buy from wiggle. I'm just curious courier they use to deliver bikes as I cant find any info on the website. Does anyone know?

I've only bought small items from wiggle. Would I be better shopping elsewhere?
If its relevant, the bike is a 2022 Cube Attain Pro (56)


  • MattFalle
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    why would you be better shopping elsewhere?

    its just a bike in a cardboard box with a bike in it. dhl van pulls up, drops your box off, drives off.

    unless i'm missing something its a very strange question.
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  • diamonddog
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    Bit of a novel idea but why not ring Wiggle they will have far more information about which courier they will use to deliver your bike than anyone on here.
  • wongataa
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    I bought a frameset from Wiggle and it came by Parcelforce.
  • MattFalle
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    but why does it matter tbh?
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  • super_davo
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    According to Wiggles site it is Yodel or Hermes.

    All the recent orders I've had from Wiggle have used Hermes, including some wheels earlier this week.
  • I've had two bikes delivered from wiggle and sent one back. I honestly can't remember who the courier was but it was a smooth completely pain free process. I wouldn't worry.
  • pblakeney
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    TBF some deliveries I have taken have been shocking from various suppliers.
    Experience shows that it is driver dependent rather than company though.
    The above may be fact, or fiction, I may be serious, I may be jesting.
    I am not sure. You have no chance.
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  • daniel_b
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    I've only ordered one bike from CRC and I think that was before it was owned by Wiggle.

    On that occasion it was a super long cargo bike, and came in the biggest box I have ever seen - all I had to do was turn the handlebars.

    Good solid box, and really well handled by the delivery person.

    That was probably 2014/15 though, and times have changed, costs are being cut, so if it were me I would be contacting them to find out and get assurances.

    It is in their interest for the delivery to be hassle free, and the bike to be undamaged, as otherwise they need to foot the bill for a courier pickup, and a new courier delivery, as well as sorting out a damaged bike.

    If it does come to you damaged, it means you need to keep an enormous bike box with bike inside for several days until they re-arrange pickup, and then the likelihood is you'll have to wait in all day for the courier, plus the next delivery, so it is a large hassle if it goes wrong - trust me, I've shopped online with Evans in the past (And that was pre ashley days) but it was NOT the fault of the courier who handled the box and contents perfectly, it was the fault of the person who packed the bike, saw the scratches all over the frame, and horrendously damaged shift levers, but simply decided to wrap it all in bubblewrap and shove it in the box anyway.
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  • MattFalle
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    Contact them to get assurances?

    "hello. i'm buying a bike from you. will yourcourier smash it up?"

    "we hope not"

    "cool, thank you"

    dude. its a bicycle in a cardboard box being moved about by people. it doesn't matter if its DHL or Fat Les' Man in a White Van couriers, anything can happen but it'll most, most probably be fine.

    Just order it.
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  • ibr17xvii
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    FWIW my Kickr came with Yodel but it was a couple of years ago now.

    I wouldn't be worried at all about the delivery company, if you want the bike buy it.
  • MattFalle
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    I'd be more worried about the courier van running out of petrol half way because some balloon head has panic bought all the petrol.
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