Garmin Woes

I'm struggling with Garmin battery life on my edge1000, despite upgrading to a 1200 mahr battery, on long rides, 60 mile plus. On a ride the Garmin will not charge from any of my portable powerbanks, even using the same lead as when charging from a mains charger. The powerbanks all work with my phone. Has anyone experienced this problem.


  • Just checking but you're not running the Garmin with the back light on or something like that are you?
  • Good point but I've tried turning everything off that I can, my problem would be solved by using the powerbank, just can't understand why the Garmin doesn't recognise it when it recognises the wall charger. Tried to discuss it with Garmin, weren't interested.
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    Is the lead you're using with the powerbank 'power only'. I think I've read somewhere (maybe a post on here) that it won't charge if the lead is for data too.

  • That's interesting, it is a combined power & data lead. I'll see if I have a power only lead.
  • Found a charge only lead. Garmin won't recognise anything via this lead, not even the wall charger. Made me think though, perhaps my power banks are charge only without any data connection to control the charge rate as some of the more expensive ones have.
  • Have you read the thread in my previous post? Might give some more hints.
  • I had similar issues ref battery life but never had a problem with charging from a bank on the fly or during stops. My 1000 also suffered from the on/off button disintegration which plagues them all eventually.

    It may be worth you contacting Garmin as they are generally good with issues like this and will possibly offer you a factory refurbished or discount on a new head unit. You have nothing to lose either way.
  • Finally solved the battery powerbank problem. It seems that Garmin requires an intelligent charger, like Anker. This establishes a 'handshake' with the Garmin to determine the charging rate. Cheaper powerbanks don't have this facility. Why couldn't someone at Garmin just tell me this!