New wheels

I'm riding a Trek Roscoe 6 with the stock wheels and tyres on it. I find the tyres too big/wide, and think for the riding I do (single track, gravel, XC, beginner trails) I could get away with and would benefit from something narrower.

The tyres on it are 2.8", on 35mm rims (27.5). I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this sort of thing, but I've been told that if I wanted narrower tyres I'll need narrower rims. Something that would fit a 2.2" tyre maybe?

Not sure if it makes any difference but the wheels on it now, front one has a thru axle and the rear is quick release. Bike spec is here -

Any suggestions or recommendations for a wheel and 2.2" tyre set up that would be compatible with my frame and fork? Thanks so much if you can help.