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Pressure gauges

Just fitted new tires to my e-bike,make of tires or bike not relevant, I have 6 different pressure devices, and there is up to 35% variation in the readings. Given the effort we put into our drivetrains tires, maint of bikes etc isn’t this an outrage and probably dangerous, can the techies at radar do some kind of survey to look at the accuracy of these generally devices that we all rely on to get the most out of our bikes. Is there a recommendation of a consistently reliable gauge for both Schrader or Presta type valves.

This something I consider fundament to cyclists welfare and pocket


  • webboowebboo Posts: 3,771
    Just use the one on your track pump.
  • mully79mully79 Posts: 440
    If a mate pumps his tyre to 30 psi on his gauge and I copy and pump mine up to 30 psi and it feels too hard I let some air out......

    You can always have your gauges calibrated but pressure varies with temperature and moisture content so unless you're pumping controlled dried air its going to vary anyway to who evers information you are copying.
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