Campagnolo chorus 10 speed hood clamp bolts


Im struggling to find the individual bolts for the camp record 10 speed hoods, does anybody know where to source them? Ive had the group set a while and the bolts are now fairly rounded. Just trying to avoid paying £40 for a set of new clamps. If its even possible to get individual bolts!



  • veronese68
    veronese68 Posts: 27,551
    I'm sure it's possible to get bolts if you measure them and check the thread size you should be able to order something that will do the job. You might have to buy a pack of them, the head or shoulder may be different. But you will be able to buy something that does the job.
  • keezx
    keezx Posts: 1,322
    These "bolts"are the same as brake mounting nuts.