Ultegra DI BR8070 brake lever block issue when bleeding?

Hi, has anyone had an issue a brake lever somehow not taking new brake fluid during a bleed process?
i have these on my Bianchi Oltre and having not touched the brakes in two years from new decided the front was getting a bit loose so thought i do a bleed to tighten it up. im a reasonably competent home mechanic, however for the life of me i could not get the new fluid to flow up from the calpier into the lever.

to cut a long story of wasted mineral oil, much swearing and time waste short i put the bike in the LBS however they have the same issue. they have been able to show fluid flowing from the brake caliper up the pipe/cable at to the lever so there is no blockage in the frame. it seems to get stuck entering the lever ? this is the firstime the brake on the bike have been touched. (2019 model xr 4)

the brake worked fine before albeit was getting soft ish. Im trying to get a warranty replacement from the dealer i originally bought from and so far they have been helpful although they want the entire system returned to them which is pain in the a**.

has anyonwe had this typo of block at the lever? is there some I or the #LBS are not doing? (they have been great btw)
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  • Both yourself and the lbs tried to flow oil from the caliper to lever. Did you try from the lever to caliper?

    Disconnect the line from the lever - does the oil flow from the bleed cup out through the now disconnected lever?
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    Don't call me Shirley..