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29er freehub removal

benalibenali Posts: 49
edited August 2021 in MTB workshop & tech

I need to service the freehub on this 10spd giant 29er.
What cone spanners do I need to get this locknut off, it's like inside the freehub body.


  • mully79mully79 Posts: 904
    If you take off the locknut and bearing cone on the other side the axle will pull through to the freehub side.
    Wheel bearings will fall out so be ready to catch them in a bowl.
  • benalibenali Posts: 49
    edited August 2021
    Yeah, removed locknuts from from other side and tried tapping it. It doesn't move.
    They're cartridge bearings.
    So figured I need to remove drive side locknut as well?
  • mully79mully79 Posts: 904
    I assumed they were cup n cone. :| After a google, looks like Giant axles may have a flange that sits behind the bearing on each side. If the axle is to come out then one of the bearings is going to have to come with it.

    is there a way of getting a spanner on the outer locknut ?
    if so you tighten the locknuts up tighter on the other side you can sometimes use a spanner on each side of the hub.
  • benalibenali Posts: 49
    Yes, thought the same. I will try. I need to get a couple of better nuts to go on the other side. Think m10 fine, but havent measured them yet
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