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calf sleeve?

This might be a road bike question... but I use a MTB

I only do longer type 'touring' type trips - so 60 - 75 mile day trips

I get pains in my calves often... and very often when I do CV work [like treadmill] in the gym

Anyone use a calf sleeve... is it any good when riding? Or just afterwards???

There's a brand called NV that seems to promise the world... I think wearing it will cure world hunger too... and then there is Rockay that doesn't promise anywhere near as much but seems to be more lovingly made and crafted. But it doesn't specifically say it will stop this pain, and prevent that pain.

My feeling is Rockay is the much higher end brand, not in price so much, but in quality. But because it doesn't promise as much [probably a good thing as that comes across a bit 'scammy'] I was wondering if anyone had tried them.

I was thinking of getting their 'Blaze' range

Any feedback at all would be of interest. Thanks for any help x
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