Bolt v2 - still buggy?

Anyone else still experiencing fundamental issues with the Bolt v2? I'm running the latest firmware (WA20-13127) but issues include:

Units takes 4 mins to start up, the black screen with Wahoo features for around 3mins before it says ‘warming up’
The Unit was fully charged 2 days ago, when I switched it on for the first time today the battery was at 50%, when I finished my ride it was at 80%. 45mins later it was at 98%?!
I’ve loaded routes on and every time I’ve used it with routes it crashes. Sometimes twice! Today it crashed 13 miles into a 26 miles route which I hadn’t ridden before. The unit switched off, took 4 mins to restart, then lost all my data, refused to sync with my phone so I was in the middle of nowhere with a unit that refused to route me anywhere.
It regularly restarts mid-ride, sometimes remembering the route/ activity, most of the time it doesn’t.
If I take a wrong turn, it crashes. Issues are heavily linked to the routing i think. DC Rainmaker experienced most of these issues a few months ago but i thought the May updates were supposed to fix it?

Mine is kinda useless currently


  • wobblebob
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    Mine has been flawless since the I got it in June. Have done approx 2500 miles since, with a route loaded 99% of the time. I would get in touch with Wahoo, from my past experience their customer service is usually top notch
  • ibr17xvii
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    That sounds faulty to me, as above Wahoo have always been really good whenever I’ve contacted them.

    I’ve had a couple of minor issues with mine but nothing on that scale.
  • redvision
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    From reading recent reviews it still has issues.

    What's interesting is that some users are not having any problems whereas others are plagued with sensor drops, gps signal issues, rapid battery drain etc, which would possibly indicate the issue is with the build and component quality rather than software bugs.

    I was an avid fan of them but have lost confidence over the last 18 months or so following a few issues and their inability to sort or replace, despite being under warranty - In my opinion they were the best for customer service but that has definitely diminished as they have grown.
  • carbonclem
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    Mine takes too long to start up and gain gps connection. I’ve been a mile before it’s kicked in a couple of times. Other than that’s it’s all good.
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