Colour 6800 Vs 8000

I have 6800 on my bike and am thinking of getting a left hand side crank based power meter (don't want pedal option).

Can't find a stages or 4iiii 6800 left hand side power meter (175 mm), only 8000 ones

Is the colour difference between 8000 and 6800 noticeable?



  • super_davo
    super_davo Posts: 1,125
    Not hugely. 8000 is a shade darker but it's the sort of thing you need to look at closely to tell the difference.

    You won't notice or care when one is on the right side of your bike and the other on the left.
  • MattFalle
    MattFalle Posts: 11,644
    6800 & 8000 - exactly as dude above says. You won't notice any difference.

    The camera down the willy isn't anything like as bad as it sounds.
  • feisty
    feisty Posts: 161
    Thanks both. They look pretty different on that picture but maybe the lighting

    Like you say, on opposite sides of bike anyhow
  • veronese68
    veronese68 Posts: 27,288
    Just so long as you don't look at it like this