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New cycling android app

Hi everyone,

I made a cycling android application where you can find family oriented articles like :
- How to choose a children's bicycle?
- Carrier, trotter or tricycle? what to choose before the first bike?
- Top 9 first 12 inch children's bicycle from 2 to 3 years old
- 5 tips for choosing a children's bicycle
- Tips and tricks for bikepacking with your child
- Your manual for youngsters bicycles
- Children's bikes: sizes and age
- I tested electric bikes with the family
- Going with kids by electric bicycle
- Mountain trekking for youngsters: family fun
- Ridgeback: lightweight and neat children's bicycles
- The peugeot junior bike ... the taste of our childhood
- From the balance bike to the bicycle: testimony of a family in soft mobility
- The advantages of a bike windshield
- Some tips for teaching your child to ride a bicycle

Here is the link to google play store for anyone interested : Electric/Mountain Bike/Bicycles, Cycling tips

It would be great if you give me some feedback about the app and what missing feature you would like to see.
Any feedback is welcome as it will help me improve the content.

Thanks in advance and have a good day
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