Sourcing 9sp 12-36T Shimano rear cassette - aka hen's teeth

I've been trying to track down an HG61 12-36T 9 speed rear cassette for my Cube MTB for months.
(Old one succumbed to this winter's lockdown riding)

Real pain because search results point to sites with 'not available'.
Any advice of where to find one, and maybe alternatives, starting to think a drive train upgrade may be a quicker option. Currently Deore XT rear mech.


  • Any 9-speed cassette you can find should work, but you may need to shorten the chain depending upon how different the largest sprocket is compared to the existing 36T.

    It would probably be wise to fit a new chain at the same time.
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    Tredz have an 11-34t 9 speed sram cassette in stock.
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    Thanks all, will give the Decathlon microshift one a go. I had fitted a new chain - but too late so it was jumping with the old cassette.
    I regularly measure the chain stretch, but hadn't accounted for the accelerated wear rate due to the long spell of sh*te weather we had. In fact all 4 bikes that I used over the winter went through a chain. Which is why the CF roadie stays firmly in the garage until it's clean and dry out there. Can't afford too many Ultegra spares. That said, the chain ring spider delaminated, but that's 6 years' worth of wear n tear 🤷‍♂️
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    Update: Ordered from Decathlon only for it to be cancelled
    "The order has been cancelled as the item WORKSHOP Cassette 9 Speeds 11x36 Micros…
    Unique size - 0.384 kg 2442288 is currently out of stock

    I am very sorry about this , the store does not have stock avaialble at the moment"


    Re-ordered for home delivery on 31/8/2021 - not confident.
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    Delivered after only 10 days - result!