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Which 29" road'n'trail high-rolling tyre?

New to MTB (electric) from a lot of road cycling, where slick Continentals were the bees knees, I'm reading poor reviews of Continentals as MTB tyres.

Currently on factory-fitted Maxxis Rekons 2.6, these are much too slow for anything on-road. I'm looking for a good high-rolling tyre that will behave on a wet road and give some capability on dry off-road trails, nothing too serious.

Can anyone recommend a decent tyre, please?

I'm used to carrying a spare inner tube and a pump. The new MTB is tubeless with goo in the tyres. Is this a good way to go for a stress-free life, with a pump, a seating cartridge and a plug-it repair or are tubes best, either full time or as an emergency repair?
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