What’s it worth?

So my wise friends can I have your opinion on following;
I am reluctantly looking to sell my “best” bike due to old age/ ongoing back issues.

Bianchi 928 t cube team barloworld genuine issue frame and fork circa 2007/8
Full ultegra 10 spd , American classic victory and an ultegra wheelset . Carbon bars stem post etc .
The bike has genuine low miles and I would say 9/10 condition.

I was going to price it at £1200 but a little research has shown these advertised at anything between £2.5-3k ? Is the nostalgia factor really that much ?

Thoughts please


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    Two reasons for the lack of replies. First is the fact that 'what's it worth' threads are discouraged on here. However, there is no effective moderation on these forums anymore, so posting a thread that 'breaks' the rules no longer has any consequence.

    Secondly, I doubt if anyone has any real insight into what a 13 year old road bike might be worth on the open market. However, in my opinion, £1200 is delusional.
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    Yes I think the rule is a bit unnecessary - I believe it's to deter thieves from pricing up bikes but eBay is a far easier way to do that.

    Bike prices are up but you have no chance of 2k. You could try £1200 - I wouldn't pay it but these days someone might if you got lucky. Equally I wouldn't be sure that you'd get more than half that.
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    If it wasnt actually Froome's, there's surely not that much nostalgia for Barloworld is there?
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    Its an old bike. For reference this thread reveals someone got a great bike for a great price recently

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    old bike, old ultegra groupset, old wheels.

    Maybe cool for someone to use the frameset as a neo retro build up.

    Prices as above.
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    I doubt you would get close to £1200 for a 13 year old bike.

    Maybe £400?
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    I have a 928 on my turbo trainer with a wobbly bottom bracket shell. Apparently quite a common problem on the 928.
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    Over the years I have owned and sold many bikes (lack of funds and space precluded me from keeping them all! ) and in my humble opinion and based purely on what you have said you would be looking at a few hundred quid.

    The problem is that 2013 is too old for a 'modern' race bike but too new to be a retro/classic. Its old tech I'm afraid.

    Bike tech changes so quickly that a bike from only a few years ago will be 'old hat'

    Case in point a few years ago I sold a mint condition Massi Carbon road bike with full Sram Red with Cosmic wheels - This is a well known spanish brand with pedigree but because it was 'only' 10 speed and did not have aero / internal cable routing etc I sold it for 20% of its original purchase price (thankfully I was not the original owner so only lost a small amount)

    That being said bikes are selling well at the moment due to short stock for new stuff and high demand with people turning their noses up at buses etc so now is as good a time as any but realistically expect to sell it for maybe 30% of what the RRP was (inflation adjusted).

    As with any saturated market to maximise profit you need to stand out, these days loud graphics etc don't cut it, if you look at most modern high end road bikes they tend to be very subtle colours. If you had the time/patience/skill you could consider having the frame painted up with subtle graphics (not black tho), I would also consider stripping the wheels of any decals you would then be more likely to get a higher price.
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    It might be an ex-team bike, but nowadays most people are not really interested unless it's carbon fibre AND with huge tube sections... because aero.

    Those who do appreciate something a bit more traditional looking (classic?) are probably focusing on frames that look as little like today's off-the-peg offerings as possible. So an old Merckx, a Concorde? Or even the 2010 Scott Addict (as an example) had pretty traditional geometry with a flat and long toptube, and short headtube.

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  • I wouldn't pay £600 for it, not at 12 years old.

    You might be better stripping it down and selling the components on eBay.