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CANYON eMTB stolen by DHL (and Canyon)?

Serial number of my Gray CANYON eMTB is M12301H21A0588

I ordered and pre-paid eMTB from Canyon spring 2021. It was promised to be delivered to me in Finland by midsummer. CANYON provided me DHL tracking link* mid June, indicating:
- DHL had picked my gray CANYON SPT[ON] 7 21 size L from Canyon site on 11th June 2021
- DHL has received my bike to their Koblenz logistics hub on 14th June.

From that day onwards, DHL has not been able to tell me where my bike is. I claim to DHL it is stolen (I have paid it and have not received it). DHL claims it is not stolen, but "in an unknown location".

DHL also states that by law they have 90 days time to try to locate my bike, and then another 90 days before they inform to the sender (in this case Canyon Germany) that the bike is lost and the sender may claim compensation from DHL.

CANYON has been telling me varying explanations over the weeks:
- "It takes time for DHL to ship an eBike because of the embedded battery - only certified truck companies are allowed to move such big batteries ..."
- "Sorry, but DHL very commonly looses our bikes..."
- "DHL often sends our bikes to wrong countries and it just takes time to find the goods ... "
- "By our process in CANYON, you as a receiver can not inform us of a lost delivery, but the carrier (DHL) only can do that."
- "You just have to wait, we will not send you another bike before DHL confirms us this is a lost shipment..."
- "We will not provide you the serial number of this bike - where would you need it? You already have the shipment ID."

It took nearly two months before CANYON finally provided me the serial number of my bike (this was in connection to their claim to me, that I need to officially prove to CANYON that I have not received this bike by writing to Canyon a signed confirmation letter - making me to feel that I'm the criminal of this case.).

Well, if CANYON and DHL commonly loose valuable bikes, wouldn't it be great to figure out the root cause why this happens so often? Fraud? Bad processes? Organised criminal actions in Germany? Did DHL only receive a bar-code paper 14th June for warehouse scanning while the bike was already passed to the gray markets on 12th June ...

Think how juicy story it would be, if the BikeRadar-community could locate my eMTB before DHL officially admits they have lost it ;-)

Thanks for keeping eyes open for gray MBT CANYON, SN: M12301H21A0588

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