Replacement front mech help needed

I have a Carrera mtb 24speed but the front mech's knackered. Im not sure what to replace it with as I normally go like for like but I cant find one. .
The mechs a Shimano Tourney FD-TY700 x3 8 speed 34.9mm top pull 66-69degrees, this is it;

I see lots selling the same one but there all from China but I need it asap.
Would this do the trick ?;

Thanks again


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    Yes, that would be suitable and the only difference is the Altus has a high band clamp position compared to the Tourney mech.

    It states that Altus is okay for all diameter seat tubes so I guess it will come supplied with various shims to fit if needed.

    Also states okay for 42-48 large chainring sizes with a 20t difference (e.g: 42,32,22) so all should work well.

  • Thanks for that
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    No probs. 😎👍