Help! Roxkshox Damper Socket

Hi all, got a new damper for my old (2013!) Revelation air forks and it needs a weird star socket to install.

I'll post a pic, does anyone know what tool I need for this?

Thanks in advance!


  • Rudeolf
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    for the lols here's what happened to the old one insitu, found this mess floating around inside the upper tubes

  • me-109
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    That looks like a large Torx fitting. Try your local Machine Mart or tool factor (like Cromwell Tools) to find the right size - I've never found them to measure up in any sensible way like a normal metric fitting/tool.
  • steve_sordy
    steve_sordy Posts: 2,443
    We are talking about the rounded six-pointed star shape aren't we?

    I would consider a large hex or double hex socket. Try a few different sizes to get the best fit. As long as it is not too tight it should work.

    If you have access to the side, then I would consider a gripping wrench of some kind. Make sure that you position the wrench so that it tightens onto the shape as you apply pressure.

    I'm not thinking of a brute force Stilsen type, more one of the thinner Scorpion types, like this:
  • JBA
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    According to the service guide you just use a regular 24mm socket.
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