sunday why this is scorchio, nor am i out of it


more riding, scoffing, basking and swigging
my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny


  • tlw1
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    Great time paddling down the river yesterday, but massively underestimated the river speed and had to miss a pub out to get my mate to his surprise 40th 😱

    Today is walk hounds, few jobs and then a long run
  • MattFalle
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    Bambina sailing so kicking around for hours.

    Need coffee, bacon and sausage roll and sleeeeep.
    The camera down the willy isn't anything like as bad as it sounds.
  • Stevo_666
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    Good lie in had. Time for a bit of a repeat of yesterday

    Managed to sell my old Mavics on Fleabay which is good, must get round to boxing boxing them up and shipping them.
    "I spent most of my money on birds, booze and fast cars: the rest of it I just squandered." [George Best]
  • pinno
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    edited August 2021
    Up early, got in shower, shaved... which started the ball rolling and here I am just sat down after being a domestic god.
    Toots off to bouncy area thing, so that'll mean 1 hour of sitting in a car park waiting around.
    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • MattFalle
    MattFalle Posts: 11,644
    cold and raining so i'm hiding in the car drinking coffee.

    soooooo bored.
    The camera down the willy isn't anything like as bad as it sounds.
  • orraloon
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    1st of August. Repeat. 1st of August. Waiting for that massive grey yellow thundery looking cloud bank to do one before venturing out. Rain jacket, tick. August!
  • veronese68
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    Afternoon folks,
    Slow start was enjoyed, now waiting for coffee to brew.
    Been grinding bits of Mini, now got iron oxide in my Barnett. Advantages of being a chrome dome do reveal themselves occasionally.
    Is Oxo unemployed for today then? Lazy dosser. 🤣
  • pinno
    pinno Posts: 51,340
    Super ride and the sun popped. No, it's true.

    Went on the very same route 2 days ago. A loop thwarted by road works, so turned back.
    Compooter wasn't functioning properly so did an estimation of distance using AA Route planner, as I had the Time bit of the equation. I came up with X distance and a totally improbable average speed. ie too fast.
    Did a second estimation using ave speed for this route on the C40 and came up with Y distance - much more probable.
    Ventured out on the GTR on the very same route and at that point where I turned around, it- was exactly half the second estimation based on ave. speed.
    Clever me.

    You can go back to sleep now.
    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • orraloon
    orraloon Posts: 12,682
    Wot I 'ave remembered today: to guarantee that it will not rain or start blowing a thundery hoolie, I should opt to wear my wind 'n' rain jacket. After 30 mins of grey the sun came out and stayed out.

    And did I have with me that frame pack thing so I could divest and roll it up and away? Nope, that was in the garage. I trust all those other riders, walkers, family groups etc out enjoying the not-teeming it down weather were grateful.
  • pinno
    pinno Posts: 51,340
    I am eternally grateful to you Loon. I had a rain free, mostly sunny ride.
    Bit busy tomorrow, so can you do the same again Tuesday?
    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • thistle_
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    Cool start, got soaked from miles of wet grass but the sun came out in the end so just sat around in some mountains enjoying it.
    Until loads of brummies showed up and spoiled the peace.
  • johngti
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    Cleaned the car ready for the trip up to north Wales today. Didn’t go to a gig though, that was Friday not today.
  • elbowloh
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    Went to Knoll to see the deer, boy trod in deer poo.

    Then Earlswood Common to see the swans, geese, ducks etc and a spot of lunch. Nice day all in all.
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