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Road/ CX bike for a teen

After riding drop bar bike for the first time my son has decided that he wants CX bike rather than a hybrid. He is 4ft 11inch with 27 inch inseam. His seat on his bike is at 32inch( if thats any help ) and could say that he needs it up a bit more.
We tried him on Wiggins Rouen Adv 26 ( for me it looked small ) and he was on Frog 70 track bike which he fit I think but it looks to be on a smaller side for him though according to frog website he should fit it. I Don want to get a bike which he would use for a year and we would have to look for another one all over again.
We are looking at secondhand market and don't want to spend more than £250 max £300.


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,629
    Ideally look at xs / small framed bikes with 700 wheels rather than 26inch.
    Problem will be finding 2nd hand one in the right size. If buying new look at Decathlons bikes.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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