Another Tubeless Query!!

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My rear tyre, tubeless, got cut to ribbons today, four leaks. Don't know if ran over some glass or what but it would take a lot of internal patching.

Anyway to get me back on the road until I get a new tyre I will just fit some normal tyres I already have with tubes.

My question is the TLR wheels I have (Bontrager) came with thick hard, rigid plastic rim tape for running tubeless and it was a so and so to get on so I would imagine would not be easy to get off!

Can I just leave this tape on to run with tubes or will I need to revert to the normal paper type rim tape.

Obviously this stuff is a good deal thicker than normal tape so was wondering if that will cause any problems accomodating the tube when inflated.

Cheers in advance if anyone has previously done this and can set my mind at rest.


  • womack
    womack Posts: 566
    oxoman said:

    It shouldn't cause any problems as long as no sharp edges. You could always run some insulating tape over it temporarily. Just don't use an oversized tube, aka 28/33 tube in a 25 tyre if restricted space available.

    All my spare tubes are the smaller size variety as tyres are all 25. The main problem I have found with this tape is that it comes some way up the inside of the rim making getting the bead under the hook extremely tight. I realise this is good for sealing the tyre but not for fitting / removal!!