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Hi folks, I have an old 2013 Giant defy 1 that I am looking to replace the crankset on. It is a Shimano R565 50/34 shimano press fit bb. Looking to change out to 105 6800 or better if possible. Can anyone tell me what exactly I need before I look through the classifieds. Same also applies to the brake calipers, they are tektro tk r540 with 105 calipers, what can I replace the calipers with ie a straight swap. I should really buy a new bike but I have had this one for years now and quite like it to be honest. I have a replacement wheelset , cassette etc but I'd rather upgrade the crank aand brakes all at the same time..Any info appreciated.



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    Any Shimano crankset will fit in there, but how many gears do you have at the moment? Doing a quick google of your bike, it looks like it came as a 10 speed. So while a 105 5800 (11 speed) will probably work (I have used a 10 speed crankset on my 11 speed bike before), to minimise any issues, you are probably better getting a 10 speed crankset like the Tiagra 4700.

    On the brakes, just get some swissstop or koolstop Shimano compatible pads. It is then just a matter of swapping out the pads.
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    As said, any Shimano crank with a 24mm spindle will work fine, and an 11 speed 105 crankset will also work just fine, including R7000, R8000 etc. Probably worth replacing the bottom bracket at the same time if not done recently - these are cheap, just ensure you buy the correct spec for your frame.

    The brakes - it depends what you're looking to achieve. On a 2013 bike, unless already done I'd definitely be looking at fitting new cables (inners and outers) and probably do the gear cables at the same time. Unless there's anything particularly wrong with your current brake calipers this is all that may be required. Its amazing the difference new cables can make to an older bike.

    If you still want to change calipers, again, the 105 5800 or even R7000 will will be fine (you might find the newer ones easier to source). I'm not familiar with your bike, but just ensure you buy brakes with the same mounting - either single bolt mount (through the centre of front fork bridge and rear brake bridge), or direct mount, which is 2 bolts, one on each fork. I guess it will be single bolt you'll need.
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    Hi folks, the replies make sense. I will change the pads and fit swisstop/koolstop pads along with new cables. I was losing faith in the brakes especially when slowing from speed. I will check out cranks and see what I can find, not looking to spend loads but it is a bike that my back gets on with and I find it quite pleasant to use. On a separate note I have just bought a project bike that hasn't been used in a few years. I'm going to post some questions over the weekend as I'm looking for help again. Appreciate the replies...