Crankset woes

Anyone able to help? I have a Shimano SLX crankset with a spindle that's too short.

My frame has a 73mm BB, I have an XT m8000 BB with 1 spacer on drive side only.
The frame has a 148mm rear axle and I have some Shimano M7100 1x12 cranks that are for a 52mm chainline which is boost right?

When installed (definitely pushed all the way through) I'm left with a non drive side that sits half way on the spindle.


  • reaperactual
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    Hi, tricky one. As a way of knowing how much it's off by roughly how far is the locating pin on the plate of the crankarm short of the hole in the spindle?

    You've fitted the bb correctly with the correct spacers so doesn't seem like the issue is there.

    You may find the spindle will go through a bit further if you give it a good tap with a rubber mallet if you haven't already.

    Worth double checking the direct mount lockring is fully tight, fitted straight and sitting flush too.