PTP - Tokyo Olympics

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Scoring for 4 events:

MRR (Men's Road Race) - Saturday 24th July
WRR (Women's Road Race) - Sunday 25th July
MTT (Men's Time Trial) - Wednesday 28th July
WTT (Women's Time Trial) - Wednesday 28th July



Due to the time difference all of the races are starting between 3 and 5am, finishing between 9 and 10am UK time (roughly), therefore picks in by Midnight UK time on the day before please. For avoidance of doubt (and because I get confused as to whether 00:00 is part of the next day or the day before :smiley: ), that's as follows:

MRR pick deadline 11:59:59pm Friday 23rd July
WRR pick deadline 11:59:59pm Saturday 24th July
MTT/WTT pick deadline 11:59:59pm Tuesday 27th July