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Boardman Team Carbon Vs Bianchi Sempre Reparto Corse (Full Carbon)

I'm 5'11 but long-legged apparently 88cm. 230Lbs. mid 50's.

Normally use a MTB, but looking for a road bike. Tried these two - thinking of The Boardman as my pick, but described as "Medium/Large sized frame ", but when I asked him to tape measure it he tells ms its 52cm which seems way too small (we did not have a tool to adjust the seat when I rode - but it rode pretty nice, seemed a comfortable ride, and like new. I also tried a 54cm trek - That felt small even with the seat very extended.

The Bianchi was not in as good condition as the advertised photo but seemed pretty fast - perhaps not as smooth on gear shifts. 57cm.

Any quick advice is very welcome - bikes selling fast!


  • akhakh Posts: 206
    Buy the one that felt best.

    Probably an inaccurate measurement on the Baordman. If this helps, I had that same model Boardman in a medium (which was a little big for me), these are the geometry figures for it, which I recorded from the website at the time:

    Top Tube 555
    Seat Tube 530
    Head Tube 160
    Head Angle 73°
    Seat Angle 73°
    Chain Stay 410
    Fork Offset (Rake) 45
    Bottom Bracket Drop 68
    Stack 562
    Reach 390
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 26,909 Lives Here
    akh said:

    Buy the one that felt best.

    This, assuming you have tried them both. I'd expect the Boardman to be better value for money, but I don't know what they are selling for. As above he may have measured badly if it felt ok, I'd think 57 would be closer to the right sze for you. But it can vary bike to bike.
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