Awful Shifter Buzz Shimano 105 R7000

I've suddenly just started having an issue with my right-hand shifter (Shimano 105 R7000 mechanical) where it constantly and loudly buzzes when riding, it's driving me insane! I can stop the buzzing by placing my hands on the tops but in any other position it's unbearable. If I bounce the bike when stationary there's a clear rattle that is obviously causing the issue. If I bounce the bike whilst holding the brake it seems to lessen it significantly.

I've had a good inspection of the shifter and there's nothing obviously wrong. Nothing appears to have any abnormal play, is loose or is broken in anyway. Can't see any debris inside though it does look pretty mucky.

Messing around inside a shifter is not something I want to get involved in, are there any easy or obvious solutions?


  • pblakeney
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    Last time I had that it was a frayed gear cable.
    This was in Campagnolo though.
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  • N0bodyOfTheGoat
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    If there's stil the same issue as on 505 brifters, any chance the white cable guide into the hoods has frayed so much there is now a broken piece?
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  • masjer
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    Check the name plate (on top) isn't loose. Also, there's a plastic cover plate on the underside that can come loose- you might have to pull back the hood cover to see.
    Both parts are fastened with a small screw which can come loose- if so, tighten and use threadlocker.