How to remove this corroded headset race

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Hi folks, this is the lower headset race in a carbon frame. When I took the fork out, the bearing cage fell out along with a couple of manky seals, leaving this corroded race in the head tube. How now to remove it? It's near as dammit flush with the inside surface and I can't get a purchase with a headset remover.


  • saladdays
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    I'm not certain but.. that's part of the frame and not the headset? So leave it in. Buy a new headset and see which bits it comes with. Then you'll know.
  • darkhairedlord
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    What bike is it?
  • ed1973
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    Check your forks, is the crown race still on it?
  • masjer
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    The bearing has separated into two, leaving the upper race stuck in the head-tube. Luckily the bearing isn't press fitted, so it won't be a tight fit, just held in by the rust.
    Use penetrating spray/fluid or even 3in1 to loosen the rust. Try just gently levering it out with a screwdriver. If that's fruitless, a blind/internal bearing puller (slide hammer) should work if there's a slight lip.
    Cheap generic bearing pullers can be found on Ebay for not much money. The quality isn't great, but bicycle work is very light duty.
  • This happened to a friend of mine on his Dolan ,got it out slowly soaking it with penetrative fluid and gentle tapping with a tiny flat head screwdriver all round . Was a couple of hours but it eventually came out
    Patience is the main key
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    masjer said:

    The bearing has separated into two, leaving the upper race stuck in the head-tube.

    If you're not certain and want to confirm this is the case post a picture of the bearing that came out. Are the balls visible or did it come out with both races intact?